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5/26/04:  Hey guys, I've added some pictures of us at Asilomar-Monterey at the Western States Conference.

12/14/03:  Hi Everyone, T'is the season to get marry.  I've put up some wedding pictures under "2003 and beyond."  Check it out!

9/18/03:  I've just updated my page to make it look cleaner.  Enjoy!

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        Hello Everyone,

            Thanks for visiting my homepage.  I hope everyone will enjoy it.  This page is about my  memories with  my WesternU  PharmD 2003 friends and our good times together and also other stuff about me.  I just want to use this page to share all my memories with  you.  All the pictures are listed by chronological order by time and events.   I will try to keep this page updated with new pictures and other stuff when time permits.  Also.... this is my first homepage, there may be some bugs.  But, all links should be working, hopefully.  

            By the way.... it might be SLOW  in loading the pictures, so......... please be patient.  

            Thanks. ---Kimmy   





WesternU Photo Album:  


1999-2000:  Pharmacy Year 1

2000-2001:  Pharmacy Year 2

2001- 2002: Pharmacy Year 3

2002 - 2003:  Miscellaneous Pics
2003 and Beyond: Our Lives After School.....






My personal Album:




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Updated:  Sept. 18th, 2003

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