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Pharmacy Related Links:


Drug Information Sites:
Health Square (drug monograph, pictures of drug, and other info)
Drug InfoNet
Clincal Pharmacology (drug monographs, with color pics)
Medline Plus Drug Info (drug monographs)
SFIRX (search by trade/generic)
Drug Information Database
GlobalRph (Drug dosing)
Drug Topics
Health Touch (OTC, Natural Supplements)
Martindale's Health Guide 2001
RX List
Pharmaceutical News and Info
Pharmaceutical Information Network
The Drug Monitor (Anti-Infectives, Renal Pharmacy, Transplant Pharmacy)
RxMed (OTC monographs, pricing, etc.)
Pediatric Drug Info
Marc and Ruth's Drug Info sites
Dr Koop Drug Interaction Checker
The Drug Monitor (Have monographs of certain drugs and monitoring parameters)


Treatment Guidelines and Info:


National Guideline Clearinghouse
ASCO (Oncology website and guideline)
National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
US National Library of Medicine
American College of Cardiology
Primary Clinical Guidelines (UCSF site)
Medscout (Tx guidelines for many dz)
Drug Facts  (My favorite, have everything there ie articles, drug info, drug interxn!)


Pharmacy and Medicine Online Journals:


Medicine Net
The Medical Letter
American Family Physican
American Medical Association
Doctor's Guide